Private lending

Trilogy provides lending services on behalf of the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust to borrower companies engaged in the construction of houses, townhouses and units, as well as the development of land or the refinance of existing facilities.

Our private lending services offered on behalf of the Trust include:

  • Assessing potential borrowers
  • Approving loans
  • Monitoring loan positions and individual loan performance
  • Monitoring loan covenants and ensuring compliance with loan conditions
  • Developing and reviewing the credit policies and procedures and monitoring their implementation
  • Monitoring loan recovery action as and when required
  • Reviewing and amending the overall investment strategies, taking into account the Australian property and credit markets, and the economy generally.

For further details email our Lending Team via or call 1800 230 099.

Please note Trilogy Funds is not a licensed credit provider and does not make loans regulated by the National Credit Code.