Month: December 2015

Coming in 2016: New personal use asset rules

Investors have a great deal of freedom when it comes to selecting SMSF investments. Options include term deposits, managed investments, shares, gold bars and wine to name a few. Basically, anything deemed suitable as long as it is documented […]

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Syndicated mortgages: Aspects to consider

Ahead of the launch of our new syndicated mortgage fund, here are some features of this investment type to bear in mind:

1. Syndicated mortgages are most suitable for those who desire control.
In a syndicated mortgage fund, investor capital is tied […]

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ATO focuses on SMSFs

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has indicated that self-managed super fund (SMSF) trustees suspected of using their funds to dodge personal tax obligations are about to come under closer scrutiny.

ATO Director of SMSF Risks and Products, Nathan Burgess, told a […]

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SMSFs: Are they appropriate for young people?

SMSFs are changing the face of Australia’s retirement industry. It is the country’s fastest-growing sector of the superannuation system, comprising approximately a third of the two trilliondollar sector.

It is imperative you seek professional advice because, as a trustee of the […]

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Profiling your risk appetite

The reality of investing is that risk is unavoidable. Ultimately, the goal of investing is to achieve the highest return at a level of risk you deem acceptable. Instead of trying to avoid risk, investors must understand the types of risks […]

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