Month: February 2017

Superannuation report to drive industry change

Australians are currently paying around $16 billion a year in superannuation fees, equal to approximately 1% of the nation’s GDP. In 2014 this equated to about $570 in fees per person. For the average Australian, fees that are too high […]

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Raising financially savvy kids

Australia’s credit card debt is climbing. According to ASIC’s credit card debt clock, Australians owe a staggering combined $32 billion, equating to over $5 billion in interest. That’s nearly $4,300 debt for each credit card holder (Credit card debt clock, […]

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Embrace risk and failure

Failure.  It’s a word that evokes a range of emotions – shame, anger, disappointment, frustration; unpleasant emotions that we actively try to avoid. The negative psychological connotations of failure seem to have outweighed the many benefits that failure can offer. […]

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