Month: March 2018

Top 4 myths about non-bank lending

Traditional lending is becoming increasingly limited as APRA compliance measures restrict finance for development projects. Many developers who have previously had projects approved year in, year out are suddenly being knocked back and not because the fundamentals of their projects […]

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Lessons learnt from instability in global markets

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) may have come and gone but its shadow still looms large over investors and traders alike. Much like the poor dogs in Pavlov’s classical conditioning experiments of the 1890s, post-GFC markets are particularly reactive to […]

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Meet Head of Lending, Clinton Arentz

Late last year, we were excited to announce that Clinton Arentz had been appointed as Trilogy’s Head of Lending, Property Acquisition and Development. With a rich background in property development himself, get to know Clint and learn more about his […]

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