About Trilogy Funds’ loans

Trilogy Funds’ Head of Lending, Paul Wood, discusses our loans and lending policy, also briefly touching on our two Mortgage Trust offerings.



My name is Paul Wood. I’ve been at Trilogy Funds now for five years. I’ve spent 20 years in total in property finance with various companies but now I’ve found a home at Trilogy and love it.

Prior to working at Trilogy Funds I worked with Suncorp, AMP Bank and ANZ Bank. I started just before the GFC and during that time the property finance landscape really changed; the banks retracted and it presented an opportunity for us. So we stepped in there and started doing some really good deals; low loan to valuation ratios.

During that time we’ve never had a capital loss. The borrowers keep coming back, they love what they do. We’ve got a very, very proactive relationship with them. They won’t go back to the banks; they enjoy the relationship and they know that when they talk to us if we say we’ll do something we’ll actually do it. All the borrowers can ring directly. I’m hardly ever in the office so they can always contact me. That can be after hours so any time I can be contacted.

A lot of our projects are small projects; 10 lots, 10 townhouses, maybe 20 to 30 lots, 20 townhouses. We don’t see a need to have pre-sales on something like that. The banks who are doing really, really large projects do require pre-sales and that makes sense. But borrowers come to us because we have a look at the project, we’ll look at the valuation. That’s probably the main difference; we’ll listen to each deal on its merits. We don’t just have a blanket policy.

The Trilogy Monthly Income Trust, you receive a monthly income. So every month you receive a distribution which at the moment is about 8%. The next month you receive another distribution but it’s a variable rate. Since inception we’ve paid every single month. You select – you actually you select the loan that you want to go into.

The current unit price for the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust is a dollar. It’s been a dollar since inception and we’ve never had a capital loss so it remains at a dollar.

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