Lessons learnt from instability in global markets

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) may have come and gone but its shadow still looms large over investors and traders alike. Much like the poor dogs in Pavlov’s classical conditioning experiments of the 1890s, post-GFC markets are particularly reactive to […]

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Meet Head of Lending, Clinton Arentz

Late last year, we were excited to announce that Clinton Arentz had been appointed as Trilogy’s Head of Lending, Property Acquisition and Development. With a rich background in property development himself, get to know Clint and learn more about his […]

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6 things you need to know about Unlisted Property Trusts

Are you a savvy investor? Or maybe you’ve just purchased your first share? Either way, you may have heard of something called an Unlisted Property Trust.

A professionally managed Unlisted Property Trust (also known as a scheme, fund or syndicate) is […]

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An Adviser’s guide to persuasive conversations

You’re probably aware, in a competitive marketplace for Financial Advisers, it takes more than just innovative thinking to thrive. Advisers are faced with the ongoing challenge to persuade clients that their advice is worthy of attention, acceptance and most importantly […]

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How much do you really know about your Super?

For most of us, superannuation is the second most valuable asset we’ll ever own, behind only our family home. Super is designed to be the cornerstone of how we finance our retirement, a period that on average, makes up almost […]

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Property Market Insights as at December 2017


Residential markets were steady in November, according to data from Corelogic1, with no change to dwelling values recorded in the national aggregate.

Capital city market values fell 0.1%, driven down by a 0.7% fall in Sydney but offset by a 0.2% […]

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20 years of lending for Trilogy Funds

This year, Trilogy Funds is celebrating 20 years of lending to the development and construction industry.

Currently, the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust funds in excess of 50 projects, ranging in value up to $14m on completion.

Trilogy Funds has built a reputation […]

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