Self-funded retirees require more than ever

With the most recent cuts to the official interest rate, retirees who choose to fund their own retirement now need more than $1 million in savings to achieve the same return as the aged pension.

As a result of the RBA’s latest interest rate cut to 1.5%, bank deposit rates are approximately 3%[1]. Added to this is the chance of another rate cut before the end of the year, however much depends on the actions of the US Federal Reserve. Chair Janeth Yellen has made noises recently regarding the possibility of a rate increase in the coming months, potentially as soon as the Reserve’s December meeting[2]. This would add to the US rate hike in December 2015, its first in nearly a decade.

Regardless of what transpires in the US, it is expected that incoming RBA Governor Philip Lowe will lower rates before he raises them. Inflation continues to stagnate, to the extent that there have been calls from some quarters for the RBA and the government to abandon its traditional inflation target, instead using GDP growth as a measuring stick[3] .

Whatever happens with domestic and international interest rate decisions, SMSF trustees and self-funded retirees need more in the bank than ever before in order to ensure a fulfilling retirement.

The aged pension for a couple is currently $34,252 per year[4]. This is roughly the same as the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia’s (ASFA) ‘modest’ retirement figure for a couple, which is $34,216[5].

To achieve the same income as the pension in a one year term deposit paying 3%, the required investment amount would be just over $1.12 million, bearing in mind that amounts over $250,000 are no longer government guaranteed.

With the hunt for yield among those no longer working well underway, many SMSF trustees and self-funded retirees are seeking alternative investments. When analysing investment options, it is more important than ever to determine your risk profile, and balance your risk and reward accordingly.

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