Syndicated mortgages: Aspects to consider

Ahead of the launch of our new syndicated mortgage fund, here are some features of this investment type to bear in mind:

1. Syndicated mortgages are most suitable for those who desire control.
In a syndicated mortgage fund, investor capital is tied to the performance of the specific loan the investor has selected to invest in.
Investors must review the individual investments to determine if a loan aligns with their investment objectives. For this reason, syndicated mortgages often require a higher minimum investment amount than other investments to appeal to more experienced investors.

2. Syndicated mortgages are subject to a lack of diversification.
Each Mortgage Investment contains only one Loan. Investors will only achieve diversification if they invest in more than one Mortgage Investment. The more diversified an investor’s loan portfolio is, the lower the risk generally that an adverse event affecting one borrower will impact on the overall investment of the investor in mortgages.

3. Every loan is unique.
Every loan will have different characteristics. The mortgage may be for an industrial or residential development and could be in progress or it may be complete and pending sale. Each loan will also differ with regard to the interest rate paid, the loan-to-valuation ratio and the investment term. It is important to understand all of these characteristics and how they can affect your capital and returns.

4. Syndicated mortgages are illiquid.
Once invested in a mortgage, investors typically cannot withdraw until the loan repays. However, progressive repayments from the borrower may occur during the term of the loan, offering some liquidity.

Syndicated mortgages have the potential to deliver attractive returns to investors. However, the nature of this investment requires scrutiny to ensure it aligns with investor’s objectives.

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