Trilogy Monthly Income Trust investor testimonial – Laurie

Trilogy Monthly Income Trust investor Laurie Kelly discusses his experience with the Trust.


My name’s Laurie Kelly. I live here at Cedar Creek in Samford Valley. I’ve lived here for 34 years with my wife Lydia. We made the investment about 12 months ago and have been very happy with it since.

It was a small funds in as much as we had relationships with the people who were managing that fund and I felt confidence that I could ring them up and talk to them as against a bank which is quite aloof, and I also think that their returns – when I examine the documents and reports over the last number of years, I was very happy with the returns that were given there. I did a fair bit of investigation and just having a look at what was there.

Most of us aren’t real happy with where the big superannuation funds have used our money and the past and the little return, the costs that they have put on us and I just put it in as another alternative to them. I’m happy with the service they’ve given me and the due diligence they appear to do on their borrowers which I think is a good thing, you know. It equals the banks, but they’re much friendlier to work with.

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