Trilogy Monthly Income Trust investor testimonial – Sue

Trilogy Monthly Income Trust investor Sue discusses her experience with the Trust.


My name is Sue. I live in Upper Kedron. I no longer go to work; I gave up in 2003 so I no longer wear a watch. I have a couple of hobbies, addictions. I train dogs. I do a dog sport called fly-ball and I play bridge.

I’ve been investing in the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust since its inception which  I believe was about 2007, and as it’s developed I’ve trusted the fellows that I’ve been involved with. The Income Trust, it means that I put some money in, and I get an income out of it and I don’t have to do any work. My money’s doing the work while I go off and spend my Sunday activities doing what I want to do.

The benefits of the investing in the Monthly Income Trust through Trilogy Funds are that I don’t have to think and make my money work. It’s there; the lads there do the work. The service level is very good. I’m not badgered. I’m not harassed. I’m informed of what is happening with my money but the fact that I’m left as a free person is important to me.

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