Why invest with Trilogy Funds?

Trilogy Funds’ Managing Director, Philip Ryan, discusses what sets Trilogy Funds apart from other fund managers, also touching briefly on our two mortgage trust offerings.



My name is Philip Ryan. I’m the Managing Director of Trilogy Funds Management Limited. My background is as a lawyer. I was previously a partner in a Brisbane law firm for over 20 years before starting out as Managing Director of Trilogy Funds.

Trilogy Funds actually emanated out of the law firm in 1998 and in 2004 we went through a merger with the executives who’d previously founded Challenger International, and together we formed Trilogy Funds Management Limited.

The two major investments that we offer in the mortgage area include the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust and also our latest offering which is uSelect. A pooled mortgage trust is one where investors’ monies are pooled together and linked to a variety of different borrowers. A syndicated trust which is the new uSelect trust actually involves investors putting their money together but only lending it to one specific borrowers. So that’s the essential differences between a pooled mortgage trust and also a syndicated mortgage trust.

Why should an investor come to us rather than going to other managers out there? The distinction there is between product which we might offer and also our expertise in managing investments. And in many respects it’s a combination of both. We believe that we can bring quality product to the market and make it available for investors to invest in.

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