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Trilogy Website Disclaimer

The Trilogy Funds website ( and all of its content has been prepared as general information only and does not take into account any of your personal circumstances, including your objectives, financial situation or needs or seek to provide a personal recommendation to you.

Section 766B of the Corporations Act 2001 provides the following explanation of “personal advice”:
“…personal advice is financial product advice that is given or directed to a person (including by electronic means) in circumstances where:

(a) the provider of the advice has considered one or more of the person’s objectives, financial situation and needs (otherwise than for the purposes of compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 or with regulations, or AML/CTF Rules, under that Act); or
(b) a reasonable person might expect the provider to have considered one or more of those matters.”

Individuals should therefore talk with their financial planner or adviser before acting on any information present in this message or the Trilogy Funds website.

While due care and caution has been taken in the preparation of this information, Trilogy Funds reserves the right to amend this material as additional information becomes available. Applications for an investment in any fund may only proceed on an application form attached to or accompanying the current Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). A copy of the PDS can be obtained from Trilogy Funds Management Limited ABN 59 080 383 679, GPO Box 1648 Brisbane QLD 4001 or by calling 1800 230 099. Investors should ensure that they read the PDS in full prior to lodging any application.

Investments in the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust are not bank deposits and are not Government Guaranteed. Please note that past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Forecast yields are uncertain and rely on assumptions. The investment yields are affected by a number of factors and will vary over time. Investments involve risk which can lead to loss of part or all capital. Potential investors should evaluate the “Risk” section of the PDS.

NZ Investors: Trilogy Funds (NZ identifier 2629111) has elected, with immediate effect, under clause 7 of Schedule 4 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 for the offer of uSelect Mortgage Investments to be made into New Zealand under the Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014 rather than the Securities (Mutual Recognition of Securities Offerings—Australia) Regulations 2008. Prospective investors will, from the date of registration of the offer in New Zealand, be able to find New Zealand regulatory information about the offer on the Disclose website by selecting ‘search offers’ and searching for ‘uSelect Mortgage Investments’. Prospective investors can also email Trilogy Funds for more information at

Trilogy Funds Management may pay a fee to brand ambassadors but this is not in connection with services that include the provision of any financial product advice.