Ravenhall Office Trust

Ravenhall Office Trust is an Unlisted Property Trust investing in a modern, corporate office building located in the major business growth corridor of north-west Melbourne.

Investment Overview

FundRavenhall Office Trust
Investment typeSingle asset, closed-end, Unlisted Property Trust
Location271-279 Robinsons Road, Ravenhall, Melbourne
Distributions8.00% p.a.^ paid monthly in arrears following settlement of the property
Asset value$8.95 million
Investment termThe expected term of the Trust is 5 years from settlement date of the property
Loan to Valuation Ratio49%

^ Net rate paid to investors for the previous month ended. Please note, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Investment Status fully subscribed
Previous Month's Net Rate 8.00%PA

Regulatory Guide 46

For an overview of the Trust's financial performance for the last six months, download a copy of RG46.


Annual Report

Download your copy of the Ravenhall Office Trust Annual Financial Report as at 30 June 2019.

Ravenhall Office Trust
Ravenhall Office Trust
Ravenhall Office Trust
Ravenhall Office Trust