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Enhanced return, stability and access to your money is made easy with Trilogy Enhanced Cash.

Invest in a portfolio of cash and cash-style investments that aim to deliver stability with returns enhanced by an investment in the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust.

^ Net rate paid to investors for the previous month ended 31 May 2019. Please note, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Trilogy may pay a fee to brand ambassadors but this is not in connection with services that include the provision of any financial product advice.

Product Disclosure Statement

Before making an investment decision, always read and understand the PDS and all other relevant or updated information regarding the investment scheme.

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Investment criteria

Enhanced yield and fast accessThe Trust aims to provide investors with an enhanced yield and access to their money in seven days, while the Trust is liquid.
No entry or exit feesAs an investor, you won’t incur a fee on your initial investment, a partial or full withdrawal.
Easy to manageWhen you invest in Trilogy Enhanced Cash, you delegate ongoing management and administration of your investment to our experienced fund managers.
Diversity across asset classesTrilogy Enhanced Cash provides you with diversity across cash and cash-style investments and to enhanced returns via exposure to the pooled mortgage portfolio of the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust.
Option to reinvestA simple tick on your application form and you can opt to build your capital by reinvesting your monthly distributions.
LiquidityWithdrawals are accepted daily and Trilogy aims to pay withdrawals within 7 days. All withdrawals since inception have been paid in full and on time.
Make an informed decisionAll investments carry risk. Investment in the Trust are not bank deposits and are not government guaranteed. See the PDS for details.

How Trilogy Enhanced Cash works

In this short video we explain how Trilogy Enhanced Cash uses a portfolio of cash and cash-style investments to provide investors with a competitive return.

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Investment Status open
Unit Price $1.00
May net distribution rate 4.10%PA
I have found the Trilogy Enhanced Cash Trust to be the ideal vehicle to park my funds. The Trust offers superior returns and a short withdrawal notice which are the major criteria for my selection. As I have invested in Trilogy’s Monthly Income Trust for some 4 years and have received my monthly income without fail, I feel confident in entrusting my money to this company who also have very friendly and cooperative staff to assist with any requirements.
Paul Nitschmann


Trilogy Enhanced Cash has delivered monthly returns in a low yield environment to its investors since inception.

For more detailed information on our performance history, get in touch with our Investor Relations team.

Previous Month’s Distribution Rate (%PA)

For the month ended 31 May 2019


3 Months (%PA)

Historical Average Net Rate


6 Months (%PA)

Historical Average Net Rate


Since Launch (%PA)

Historical Average Net Rate


*In considering these returns, investors should bear in mind that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Net rate are net of fees and management costs and assume no reinvestment of distributions. The rate of your return or the return of your capital invested is not guaranteed. As all investments carry risk, a detailed explanation of the risks involved when investing the in Trilogy Enhance Cash is contained in the relevant PDS.

Important Information

Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)


PDS Information Booklet


Important Notice to Investors - PDS Rollover 1 September 2017


Performance Update for previous month

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Annual Report

Download your copy of the Trilogy Enhanced Cash Annual Financial Report as at 30 June 2018.



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SQM Research Report

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