The Trilogy Industrial Property Trust is designed to provide a competitive and regular income and the opportunity for long-term capital growth.

Key fund details

Distribution for August 2021 | 7.60 CPU p.a.*   Unit Price (1 August 2021) | $1.0719**   Distribution frequency | Monthly***

Unit Price (1 September 2021) | $1.0703^           Tax deferred | 56.50%^^                          WALE | 5.74 years (by income)^^^

Fund size | $122.49 m^^^                                   Trust LVR | 48.20%^^^                            No. of properties | 10^^^

*Distribution amount for the month ended 31 August 2021. Net distributions are variable each month and are net of management fees, costs and assume no reinvestment. Distributions are paid monthly in arrears. Please note, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
**Unaudited Unit Price as at 1 August 2021. Variable price and may change each month.
***Subject to terms in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).
^Unaudited Unit Price as at 1 September 2021. Variable price and may change each month.
^^Audited figure as at 30 June 2021.
^^^As at 31 August 2021.

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Property portfolio


The Trust recently acquired a tenth property in Coolum Beach, Queensland.

The acquisition is at a competitive market yield reflecting a strong tenant covenant and high-quality asset. The lease, through to 2030, will result in an improvement to the weighted average lease expiry (WALE) of the Trust.


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Investment overview

Investment objective
The Trust is designed to build a diverse portfolio of industrial properties located in established regional and metropolitan precincts. The Trust’s primary objective is to maximise potential investor returns diversified by both geographical location and the industries in which the tenants operate.

Property type
Industrial assets such as warehouses and manufacturing, logistics and distribution centres.

Property location
Australian industrial precincts in established regional cities and metropolitan areas of capital cities

Leases expected to provide a stable income stream.

Active management style encompassing the opportunity for renegotiation of lease terms and facilitating potential tenant-led expansion.

Expansion opportunities
Where possible, the Trust intends to invest in properties that provide the potential for value-add. This could include tenant-led expansion, refurbishment, or improvement works.

How unlisted property trusts work

In this short video, we step you through how an unlisted property trust works and what you can expect from this style on investment.

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Property Portfolio

The Trilogy Industrial Property Trust currently holds ten industrial properties across Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. Explore further property details in our investment brochure.

Dacmar Road, Coolum Beach, Queensland

The property is located in the Centra Park Industrial Estate 3 kilometres west of the Coolum Town Centre and 1 kilometre from the Sunshine Coast Motorway. The asset comprises two modern industrial warehouses and distribution facilities and adjoining office with ancillary improvements of concrete hardstand. Currently tenanted by Weir Minerals Australia Limited.

Moorebank Road, Wellcamp, Queensland

A large industrial landholding improved with an office and warehouse building completed in 2020 and currently tenanted by Australian Coil Services Pty Ltd. The property is located within the Charlton Wellcamp Enterprise area, approximately 12 kilometres from Toowoomba town centre and 12 kilometres to Wellcamp airport.



Colemans Road, Carrum Downs, Victoria

A modern warehouse and office complex constructed in 2016. The property includes 6 loading dock bays and 55 car parking bays and is leased to Tempur Australia Pty Ltd.

Trilogy Industrial Property Trust | Carrum Downs | Trilogy Funds    Colemans Rd, Carrum Downs, VIC | Trilogy Funds

Diesel Drive, Mackay, Queensland

A modern, high-specification industrial building with 16 metre clearance and two gantry cranes.  The property was purpose built in 2014 for the current tenant, Independent Mining Services QLD Pty Ltd. In 2019, Trilogy completed construction on a value-add extension which added an additional 900 square metres (approximately) of net lettable area.

   Diesel Dr, Mackay, Qld | Trilogy Funds

Crichtons Road, Mackay, Queensland

A single industrial complex with an attached two-storey office. The property was purpose built in 2011 for the current tenant Alfagomma Australia Pty Ltd (Alfagomma).

   Crichtons Rd, Mackay, QLD | Trilogy Funds

Bedford Street, Gillman, South Australia

A property completed in 2018 comprising two industrial units and two tenancies, occupied by Tyremax Pty Ltd (Tyremax) and Plasdene Glass-Pak Pty Ltd (Plasdene). 

Bedford Street, Gillman | Trilogy Industrial Property Trust | Trilogy Funds    Bedford St, Gillman, SA | Trilogy Funds   

Bosso Street, Mackay, Queensland

19-29 Bosso Street is a purpose-built office, warehouse, workshop and track press facility. The property also features a modern concrete tilt panel facility. This site is leased to Komatsu Australia Pty Ltd (Komatsu) and is its main Mackay Customer Support facility, offering sales, track repairs, service and parts.

The adjoining property, 15-17 Bosso Street, comprises land and is leased to Komatsu for storage of plant machinery.

Bosso Street, Mackay | Trilogy Industrial Property Trust | Trilogy Funds   Bosso St, Mackay, QLD | Trilogy Funds

Elysium Road, Carrara, Queensland

Modern office facility and industrial premises, the property comprises multiple freestanding structures including the administration building and multiple workshops. The property is leased to Mineral Technologies Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of top 100 ASX listed parent company Downer EDI Limited.

Elysium Road, Carrara | Trilogy Industrial Property Trust | Trilogy Funds   Elysium Rd, Carrara, QLD | Trilogy Funds

Gravel Pit Road, Darra, Queensland

Located in one of Brisbane’s core industrial precincts, this property is a modern industrial facility currently tenanted by Stoddart Group. The Darra precinct, just 17.6 kilometres south west from the Brisbane CBD, is also expected to benefit from the $80 million Sumners Road Interchange Upgrade, delivering further road network benefits. 

Gravel Pit Road, Darra | Trilogy Industrial Property Trust | Trilogy Funds   Gravel Pit Rd, Darra, QLD | Trilogy Funds

Trust updates

31.08.2021DACMAR ROAD, COOLUM BEACH, QUEENSLAND | Settlement of Dacmar Road, Coolum Beach, Queensland occurred on Tuesday 31 August 2021.Acquisition

PUBLICATION OF UNIT PRICE & DISTRIBUTION RATES | Unit price and distribution rates will be published on the website on or around the 7th business day of each month.

Investors who submitted completed applications (including receipt of cleared funds in the Trust’s account) by 4.00 pm on the last business day of the previous month will receive confirmation of units issued via their preferred communication method on or around the 9th business day of each month.

In line with the PDS, distributions are paid on or around the 8th business day for investors.

Investor update
30.07.2021MOOREBANK ROAD, WELLCAMP, QUEENSLAND | Settlement of Moorebank Road, Wellcamp, Queensland occurred on Friday 30 July 2021.Acquisition
29.07.2021DACMAR ROAD, COOLUM BEACH, QUEENSLAND | A contract was signed for a new property to add to the Trust in Coolum, Queensland on Thursday 29 July 2021.Investor update
09.07.2021Moorebank Road, Wellcamp, Queensland | A contract was signed for a new property to add to the Trust in Wellcamp, Queensland on Friday 9 July 2021.Investor update
28.06.2021COLEMANS ROAD, CARRUM DOWNS, VICTORIA | Settlement of Colemans Road, Carrum Downs, Victoria occurred on Monday 28 June 2021.Acquisition
31.05.2021RG46 – May 2021Investor update
30.04.2020RG46 – April 2020Investor update
16.10.2020GRAVEL PIT ROAD, DARRA, QUEENSLAND  | Gravel Pit Road, Darra is part of the Trilogy Industrial Property Trust (Trust) portfolio occurred on Friday, 16 October 2020.Acquisition
9.10.2020Closed for Investment | Within two weeks of opening for investment, we are pleased to announce that the Trust has reached full subscription of $18.155m and is now closed for investment.Investor update
25.09.2020Open for investment | The trust is now open for investment. $18.155 M offer amount.Investor update
30.06.2020Annual ReportInvestor update

Important Information

Please visit here for important updates regarding the Trilogy Industrial Property Trust.

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Product Disclosure Statement - 1 July 2021


Investment brochure


Unit Pricing Policy


Application Form


Regulatory Guide 46


Annual Report

Download your copy of the Trilogy Industrial Property Trust Annual Financial Report as at 30 June 2020.


Tax Deferred Amounts Fact Sheet

This fact sheet outlines the Australian income tax implications of the tax deferred amounts from property trusts.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trust's investment strategy?

To build a portfolio of properties located in key Australian regional and metropolitan industrial precincts, by seeking to target industrial properties that have the potential to provide long-term cashflows to investors or could offer the opportunity of value-add. The primary objective is to maximise the potential investor returns diversified by both geographical location and the industries in which the tenants operate.

You can view the Trust’s existing portfolio here.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount for the Trust is AU$50,000 and thereafter in multiples of $5,000. Trilogy may, at its discretion, reduce this amount on a case-by-case basis.

How often are new units issued in the Trust?

It is intended that new units in the Trust will be issued monthly on the first business day of each month. Completed applications (including receipt of cleared funds in the Trust’s account) received by 4.00 pm on the last business day of the previous month will be processed. Please note that ‘business days’ and times stated relate to Brisbane, Australia.

Units are issued at the prevailing Unit Price plus any applicable buy spread on the date the Units are issued.

When will I receive confirmation of my unit allocation?

We will aim to provide Investors with confirmation of their unit allocation/s on or around the 9th business day after units are issued via email communication or on the investor portal.

How is the distribution amount calculated?

Distributions are derived from rental income from the Trust’s properties and income from other investments.

These income sources are pooled and we aim to provide a distribution to investors each month. Individual investors will be able to calculate the yield on their investment based on the entry price at which they subscribed the units.

See the PDS section 4.8 for more details.

Can I reinvest my Trust distribution amounts?

Reinvestment of Trust distributions into the Trust is not available at this time. Your distribution amount will be paid into your nominated bank account.

Is there a withdrawal period?

Like many unlisted property schemes, the Trust is an illiquid scheme and Investors may only exit upon a Withdrawal Offer from the Responsible Entity (Trilogy). Trilogy intends to make Withdrawal Offers once every four years from settlement of the purchase of the Initial Property Portfolio which occurred on 12 April 2018.

We will inform investors in advance of the date above regarding our intentions for the Withdrawal Offer, should there be one provided. Please refer to the website for this update.

What is an unlisted property trust?

Professionally managed, unlisted property trusts provide an alternative to direct investment in property. In an unlisted property trust, investors pool their money by buying ‘units’ in the trust, which is managed by a Responsible Entity, like Trilogy. Trusts aim to pay distributions that are paid at set intervals (e.g. monthly or quarterly). The initial capital remains invested until the property asset(s) is sold when the trust closes and any net proceeds are distributed among the investors according to their unit holdings.

Unlisted property trusts may be suited to investors seeking a long-term investment, potential for regular income and the opportunity for capital growth from different property asset classes.

Learn about the Trilogy Industrial Property Trust and Trilogy’s Fully Subscribed Property Trusts.

When can I expect to receive my distribution payments?

All of our investment options aim to pay distributions monthly. Investors can expect to receive distributions on or around the eighth business day of each month, given funds are available.

Investors should note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and that risks include loss of part or all of your capital, income or diminished returns.

What is portfolio diversification?

Portfolio diversification is a risk management strategy that allocates investments across various asset classes, locations, industries and other categories in an attempt to limit exposure to any one particular sector. With any type of investment, there may be periods when some investments don’t perform as expected. Portfolio diversification aims to minimise the impact of any one asset’s under-performance on your portfolio and typically achieves more consistent long-term returns.

Learn more about the importance of Portfolio Diversification.

What risks are involved with investing?

There are risks associated with any investment. It is crucial to ensure the investment risk profile of your investment choice suits your personal circumstances, financial goals and tolerance for risk.

Please read the ‘Risks’ section of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before investing in any of our products. This can be found in; Section 5 ‘Risks’ of the Trilogy Industrial Property Trust PDS dated 1 July 2021.

Investors should read the whole PDS to understand more fully the risks of investing in any Trust. We also recommend seeking advice from a licensed financial adviser before making an investment decision.