uSelect Mortgage Investments

Providing investors with the opportunity to take control and handpick from mortgages over Australian property.

Providing investors the opportunity to invest in individual Mortgage Investment/s with distinct features and risks for consideration.  A Loan Summary (Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement) is issued with the full details of each Mortgage Investment offered, allowing you to select the yield, term and risk profile that meets your preferences and your investment amount (minimum investment of $25,000)

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      Radius, Woolloongabba

      Radius, Woolloongabba is a recently completed residential development located in Woolloongabba, two kilometres south-east of the Brisbane CBD. Funding is to assist with the refinancing of 16 completed apartments.

      Construction is 100% Complete
    • Closed for Investment

      Inizio, Norman Park

      Inizio, Norman Park is a proposed construction project of eight new apartments, plus the renovation of an existing house located in Norman Park, Brisbane. The location is approximately six kilometres south-east of the Brisbane CBD.

      Construction is 80% Complete
    • Closed for Investment

      Oxley Central

      Oxley Central is a proposed construction project of a residential complex of 17 units located in Oxley, Brisbane. The location is approximately 11 kilometres south-west of the Brisbane CBD.

      Construction is 15% Complete
    • Closed for Investment

      Paynters Creek

      Paynters Creek is a completed 17 lot semi-rural subdivision located in Rosemount on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  The location is within 10 kilometres of Nambour and Maroochydore, and 107 kilometres from Brisbane CBD.


      Construction is 100% Complete

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    Update to the custodian

    In some cases Trust Company (Australia) Limited (TCAL) has been registered on the mortgage and security documents in place of Trust Company Limited (TCL).  TCAL has acknowledged that it holds the repayment of loan funds and registered mortgage on trust for uSelect and TCAL has agreed to act as custodian of the Fund following its appointment on 17 October 2017. This appointment will also be reflected in a new PDS for the Fund, expected in November 2017.

    IMPORTANT: This webpage is issued by Trilogy Funds Management Limited (AFSL 261425) and provides general information only. It does not provide financial product advice nor is it an offer of securities. If you require personal advice on the suitability or other aspect of this investment, consult a licensed adviser who will conduct an analysis based on your circumstances. Applications can only be made on the application form contained in the Product Disclosure Statement dated 24 September 2015 (PDS) available from Trilogy Funds. The PDS should be read in full, particularly the risk section, prior to lodging any application. Investments involve risk which can lead to loss of part or all of your capital. Investments in uSelect Mortgage Investments and in any chosen Mortgage Investment are not bank deposits and are not government guaranteed.Update to the custodian In some cases Trust Company (Australia) Limited (TCAL) has been registered on the mortgage and security documents in place of Trust Company Limited (TCL).  TCAL

    NZ Investors: Trilogy Funds (NZ identifier 2629111) has elected, with immediate effect, under clause 7 of Schedule 4 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 for the offer of uSelect Mortgage Investments to be made into New Zealand under the Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014 rather than the Securities (Mutual Recognition of Securities Offerings—Australia) Regulations 2008. Prospective investors will, from the date of registration of the offer in New Zealand, be able to find New Zealand regulatory information about the offer on the Disclose website by selecting ‘search offers’ and searching for ‘uSelect Mortgage Investments’. Prospective investors can also email Trilogy Funds for more information at