About Trilogy

Trilogy offers a range of investment and financing opportunities. Our goal is to provide investors with competitive investment income, paid monthly, in addition to providing flexible and agile non-bank lending to the property development and construction sectors.

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Our investment options all share the common goal of providing income-focused solutions designed to help investors achieve their financial goals. We manage pooled and contributory mortgage funds, direct real property funds and other investment offerings on behalf of over 14,000 investors. We do this by leveraging our combined talents to actively manage our investor’s funds.


Operating over 21 years, we’re one of Australia’s largest specialist lenders providing financing options to the residential, commercial, industrial, and retail property sectors in Australia. Our managed funds and private investors have enabled the successful completion of projects across the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Property management, development and acquisition

Our property team oversee the day-to-day management of a variety of commercial and industrial property assets on behalf of our investors. This includes tenant management, maintenance, capital expenditure, development opportunities and leasing. In addition to property management, the property team leverage more than 40 years of experience in property and their extensive understanding of finance and funds management. This enables the team to successfully acquire completed stock or sites to develop commercial, industrial, childcare and health care property including developments under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), across Australia.