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Invest in Trilogy Industrial Property Trust

Trilogy’s latest offering, the Trilogy Industrial Property Trust (Trust) seeks to build a diverse portfolio of industrial properties located in key regional and metropolitan precincts. The current offering is closed, however, we expect to have a further offering open in the coming months.

The Trust targets industrial properties that offer the opportunity of value-add. Its aim is to provide investors with stable and regular income, the opportunity for capital growth over the long term, and withdrawal offers intended every four years.

^ Previous month’s net rate paid monthly. Please note, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Investment criteria

Property typeIndustrial assets like warehouses and manufacturing, logistics and distribution centres that align with the investment strategy.
LocationEstablished Australian industrial precincts in regional and metropolitan areas.
LeasesLeases expected to provide a stable income stream.
Value-add tenant-led expansion opportunitiesPotential property construction and expansion will only be undertaken where it is ‘tenant-led’. This aims to reduce property development and construction risks.
ManagementActive management encompassing renegotiation of current lease terms and facilitating potential tenant-led, value-add opportunities.
Portfolio reviewRegular portfolio reviews to identify potential assets for sale that may provide significant returns enabling redeployment of capital.

Make an informed decision

We believe everyone should be equipped with the right knowledge when it comes to making an investment decision.

All investments in unlisted property trusts carry risk. As the Trust intends to invest in industrial property it carries the market, property, and leasing risks associated with investing in property and risks relating to the structure of the fund and the offer, including that there is no guarantee that funds will be available to make withdrawal offers.

As a geared investment, the Trust carries associated financial and leverage risks. Risks can have an impact on distribution and capital returns over the term of the Trust. It is important that you read the product disclosure statement (PDS) and understand the risks of investing.

Register your interest

Investment Status closed
Unit Price $1.00
Previous Month's Net Rate 8.50%PA

Current Property Portfolio

AssetDiesel DriveCrichtons Road
LocationMackay QLDMackay QLD
Net lettable area2,150 square metres2,254 square metres
Site area9,813 square metres6,513 square metres
ZoningIndustry – High impactIndustry – High impact
TenantIndependent Mining Services QLD Pty LtdAlfagomma Australia Pty Ltd

About the tenants

Independent Mining Services QLD Pty Ltd (IMS) lease the purpose built facility at 33-41 Diesel Drive, Paget, Qld and is a leading engineering and manufacturing company. Established in 2008, the company provides maintenance labour and equipment hire to various mines in the Bowen Basin as well as a large range of steel equipment fabrication services.

Alfagomma Australia Pty Ltd (Alfagomma) is a subsidiary of Alfagomma Group, a global manufacturer of hydraulic and industrial fluid handling systems for mining, oil and gas applications.

Alfagomma Group employs over 3550 people worldwide and most recently reported a €370 million turnover. Alfagomma Group’s strategy is to be a single source integrated system supplier to its customers which include mines in the Bowen Basin.

About the region

The initial assets of the portfolio are located in Paget, Mackay, an industrial region of Central Queensland within approximately four kilometres of the Mackay Airport and eight kilometres of the Mackay central business district.

Accommodating more than 500 registered businesses, the Paget Industrial Estate benefits from proximity to a range of amenities including railways and the Bruce Highway. The suburb is home to local, national, and international companies that provide services to mines in the Bowen Basin coalfields and other mines and agricultural businesses within the region.

Recently, Mackay has experienced improved economic performance. The region has placed itself on a growth trajectory fuelled by a diversified agricultural and mining industry base. Mackay is a major support hub for the Bowen Basin coalfields which produce high-grade coking (metallurgical) coal, distributed through the Mackay regional ports of Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay. Collectively, these two ports contribute to 7% of the total global seaborne coal exports. Regional council attributes the majority of Mackay’s gross regional product to mining, totalling $4.56 billion over the last financial year.

Signals from the region indicate it has no intention of slowing growth with the Queensland Government investing significantly to create new employment opportunities, and support new businesses in the region.

Other exports from the region include raw consumables, petroleum, ethanol, building supplies, minerals, and other goods.

Important Information

Please visit this page for important updates on the Trust as they become available.