Make sure your superannuation
savings can go the distance
in retirement

Retirement is supposed to be a time in your life when you can set your worries and financial responsibilities aside and really focus on pursuing what makes your heart sing. It might be finally taking that trip around the world, buying a caravan and hitting the open road, making your home a little more comfortable or simply spending more time in the company of much-loved family and friends.

Regardless of how you plan to spend your retirement, it’s important that your savings can go the distance and that you’ll have enough income to sustain a long and happy life.

In the past, many Australians didn’t have to look much further than a simple term deposit account to help finance their retirement dreams. Through the late-80s and early-90s, conservative investors could rely on term deposit interest rates that were north of 10% p.a. providing those with cash to invest long-term, with a healthy and stable earn [1]. In 1990, the average term deposit rate was 14.90% p.a. Combined with a modest share portfolio and home ownership, a comfortable future was seemingly assured.

While often still an effective investment vehicle, low interest rates for term deposits have limited the opportunity for retirees and Australian’s preparing for retirement. Not only are most term deposits now offering a low yield, but they also tie up funds for significant amounts of time, which ultimately places restrictions on what investors can do with their money, and when.

With Australia’s ageing population, there is a growing appetite for an investment product that offers a higher rate of return than your standard term deposit, is liquid, and won’t adversely challenge a conservative investor’s risk profile. At Trilogy, we believe those looking to ensure their savings can go the distance in retirement should consider looking beyond standard cash investment products to something that can bring greater reward, which is why we’re proud to offer investors an alternative to a traditional cash investment: Trilogy Enhanced Cash.

Trilogy Enhanced Cash is a hybrid diversified cash investment product where approximately 70% of each investor’s money is invested into cash-style investments. The remainder is allocated to the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust, a pooled mortgage investment that offers returns through loans secured by first mortgages over Australian property.

The Trilogy Monthly Income Trust has an enviable track record of providing investors with competitive monthly distributions since its inception in 2007. When used as part of the Trilogy Enhanced Cash portfolio, the result is a product that provides investors with access to higher rates of return.

Since launching, Trilogy Enhanced Cash has returned an average net rate of 4.06% p.a., outperforming its benchmarks and more recently providing a net rate of return of 4.01% p.a. to investors. [2] One of the other benefits is its liquidity, with investors able to access their funds within just 7 days with no fees or penalties. Investors can build capital by reinvesting their monthly income distribution back into the product, providing flexibility and more control over your investment.

If you’re looking to take extra measures to ensure your savings can go the distance in retirement, learn more about Trilogy Enhanced Cash or chat to a member of our Investor Relations team about our current investment offerings.


[2] Net rate paid to investors calculated daily and paid monthly in arrears for the month ended 31 August 2018. Net distributions are variable each month and are quoted net of management fees, costs and assume no reinvestment. Please note, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Trilogy has issued a Product Disclosure Statement for Trilogy Enhanced Cash date 30 September 2017 and The Trilogy Monthly Income Trust dated 1 September 2017 which is available at or by contacting us.  Applications will only be accepted on the current application form that accompanies the PDS. You should obtain a copy, understand the risks, and seek personal advice from a licensed Financial Adviser before investing. Investment in the Trust is subject to terms and conditions, and risks which are disclosed in the PDS. These risks include the risk of losing income or principal invested. The Trust is not a bank deposit and Trilogy does not guarantee its performance. Trilogy provides only general financial product advice on its own products and does not consider your objectives.

The material on this website is intended only to provide a summary and general overview on matters of interest.  Trilogy is only licensed to provide general financial product advice on its own products and does not consider your objectives, financial situation or needs when providing any information or advice. You should consider whether the advice is suitable for you and your personal circumstances and we recommend that you seek personal financial product advice on your objectives, financial situation or needs and obtain and read the relevant product disclosure statement before making any investment decision.