Trilogy Charitable Hub

Partnering to make a difference

The Trilogy Charitable Hub facilitates an innovative new form of charitable giving. By making an investment in the products participating in the Trilogy Charitable Hub, you combine a financial investment with supporting a participating charity.

Invest for profit while at the same time supporting a charitable cause.

With the Trilogy Charitable Hub, you make an investment into a participating investment product and, as a Trilogy Charitable Hub investor, you support a participating charity’s work by automatically gifting a percentage of your investment’s net income to fund the participating charity of your choice.

As fund manager, Trilogy Funds supplements your donation by giving a proportion of their management fees to the same charity. While maintaining control of your capital, invest for profit, and help find a cure for cancer with just one transaction.

By investing in a participating Trilogy Charitable Hub product, you have the opportunity to make a direct impact and contribute towards innovative cancer research.